quarta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2010

Raven - Raven 1969

Raven were from Buffalo, New York and consisted of Tony Galla (vocals, bass, harmonica, flute), John Weitz (guitar), James Frank “Jimmy” Calire (piano, organ, saxophone, vocals), Thomas J. Calandra (bass), Gary Mallaber (drums).

The group released two albums, the other being “Live At The Inferno” released on Discovery Records in 1969, this release should not be confused with the seventies band Raven from Newcastle U.K. who also released an album entitled “Live At The Inferno” on Neat Records in 1984.

Raven traveled extensively throughout the United States, prior to signing a major recording contract. They appeared at various renowned underground concert clubs such as: New York's Fillmore East, Boston's The Boston Tea Party, Chicago's Aaron Russo's Kinetic Playground, Chicago's Aragon Ballroom, Detroit's Grande Ballroom, Cleveland's La Cave, Toronto's Rockpile Club, Detroit's East Town Theatre, Monticello's Revolution, Philadelphia's Electric Factory, and many others.

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