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Péloquin Sauvageau - Laissez-nous vous embrasser oú vous avez mal 1972

Launched in 1972, "Laissez-nous vous embrasser oú vous avez mal" is one of the most original record ever made in Quebec. Though avant-garde, it still managed to garner radio support and wide public attention thanks to the trance-like track "Monsieur L'Indien".

The "Us" in Let us kiss you where it hurts is Claude Péloquin, controversial poet, and Jean Sauvageau, electronic music pioneer. Together after memorable trips and artistic happenings throughout the 60's, they came up with this eccentric avant-garde masterpiece. With topics ranging from revolution (Monsieur Emiliano), to exploitation (Monsieur L'Indien), vasectomy (Sterilization) or even scatology (Mama Vagina), the record exploded onto the local scene during the dark ages of Quebec Pop Music (something very similar to what's happening now).

Claude Péloquin, the vocalist, can be heard laughing, screaming, babbling into the mike as he "cracks open a brew" overtop a cocktail of explosive and highly original electronic music. A wall of sound shifting from synthetic psychedelic ambience, doped out choir to fucked up western.

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