segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

Bob Downes - Deep Down Heavy 1970

Once one of England's top avant-garde jazz flautists, Bob Downes (born Robert George Downes) has maintained a low profile since relocating to Europe in the late 1980s. Although he released a series of impressive albums in the mid-'70s, he has recorded very little since. Able to play more than 25 instruments, Downes has focused primarily on flute, piano, and percussion. His albums featured a wide array of supportive players. His first three albums -- Open Music, Electric City, and Deep Down Heavy -- featured the accompaniment of rock guitarist, Chris Spedding, while his subsequent efforts -- Diversions in 1973, Episode at 4 A.M. in 1974, and Hells Angels in 1975 -- were marked by the synthesizer playing of Laurie BakerDownes composed several pieces for Ballet Rambert (now: Rambert Dance Company), the oldest dance company in England. AMG.

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