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Davie Allan & The Arrows - Cycle-Delic Sounds 1968

As an album, the ArrowsCycle Delic Sounds Of.. is a standalone among instrumental rock & roll records. Recorded in late 1967, it fully exploits the recording studio to full-on psychedelic effect, while its tracks are burning rock & roll guitar workouts that merge hard and heavy hot rod, surf, and biker music. This is the next step -- the unholy sonic marriage of Dick Dale and the Ventures with Link Wray and the young Jimi Hendrix. The title cut leads it off with squalling wah-wah raunch & roll, drenched in fuzz and studio effects, it's wild, raw, and unfettered. It is singular here, but it is far from the only great offering. The reworked "Blue's Theme," called "Blue's Trip" here, is an awesome sequel from the band's previous album. The growling Harley at the beginning of "Another Cycle in Detroit" is a teaser for the orgy of multi-tracked six-strings that are distorted almost beyond recognition. The other two killers here are the themes from biker movies: "Devil's Angels Theme" and "The Born Loser's Theme." They are majestically demented and knotty. The album's closer, "Mind Transferral," is a bizarre exercise in acid freakout that seemingly doesn't get it until the wah-wah kicks in over the nonsensical moaned and babbled vocals. AMG.

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