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Mighty Kong - All I Wanna Do Is Rock 1973

Aussie rock icon Ross Wilson has been at the helm of two of Australia's biggest bands (Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock) plus one of our more obscure: Mighty Kong. Mighty Kong lasted less than a year, but they did leave US with one terrific and underrated album: 'All I Wanna Do Is Rock'. When Daddy Cool broke up in August 1972, Wilson and Ross Hannaford set about forming a new band that would explore a heavier style that harked back to the pre-DADDY COOL days of Sons of the Vegetal Mother and the Party Machine. After some initial changes that at one stage included Tim Gaze (Tamam Shud / Kahvas Jute) and Gulliver Smith (Company Caine), the final lineup was settled with Wilson, Hannaford, Russell Smith (Company Caine), Tim Partridge (Company Caine) and Ray Arnott (Spectrum). Signing to the newly formed Wizard Records, the band recorded 'All I Wanna Do Is Rock' with American producer John Fischbach. The album came out in December 1973 along with the single "Callin' All Cats (The Cats Are Callin'). 

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