domingo, 27 de junho de 2021

Caetano Veloso - Qualquer Coisa 1975

On Qualquer CoisaCaetano Veloso still wasn't the superstar he became in the '80s when he turned himself into a mainstream pop artist. This album sounds underground in its voice/violão renditions, parsimony in the arrangements, and absence of luxury effects or electronics -- in other words, the focus is on Veloso's guitar, voice, melodies, and lyrics. His wonderful cool interpretations for "Qualquer Coisa," "Samba e Amor," "A Tua Presença Morena," "Drume Negrinha," "Jorge da Capadócia," "Eleanor Rigby," "For No One," "Lady Madonna," and "La Flor de la Canela," among others, became classics. AMG.

listen here or here

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Miles disse...

A beautiful LP and a great share! Thanks Carlos!

Miles disse...

Carlos - Might you also have this record's companion piece, the equally exquisite 'Jóia' to share? Many thanks!