sábado, 29 de junho de 2019

Ronee Blakley - Ronee Blakley 1972

One of the greatest albums of the '70s, Ronee came out of the rich L.A. musical culture that spawned Joni, Jackson, Byrds, Love, Mothers, Buffalo Springfield, Doors, and she was every bit an equal to them all, as this album proved. Although she would become better-known as an actor (Nashville, Nightmare on Elm Street, Renaldo & Clara, et al) this LP will always be one of my faves and proof of her musical and poetic stature. "Attachment" is simply devastating and profound, and all the tracks show a remarkable range, conveying the hippie ethos of the time, the political and moral stand of "Fred Hampton", and her abiding love of country/gospel ("Down to the River" and "Bluebird," a song that should have been a #1 hit.) AMG.

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