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The Pretty Things - Silk Torpedo 1974

Silk Torpedo provides an interesting glance into the glam era. Beginning with "Dream" -- a ghostly instrumental prelude that the group's friends in Led Zeppelin would later cop for "In the Evening" -- this album launches into "Joey," a superb combination of piano boogie, crashing drums, and melodramatic choruses draped in Hammond organ. Phil May's vocals on this piece run somewhere between Ian Hunter and Steve Tyler, and are every bit as effective. "Maybe You Tried" is a glittering slice of glam rock, all pouting and hip-thrusting, with a simply killer guitar hook from Pete Tolson. From this strong start, though, the album falters into a torpid sort of introspection. Still, "Belfast Cowboys" deserves kudos for taking on the Irish question long before U2 was taking its first music lessons. The CD reissue adds live versions of "Singapore Silk Torpedo" and "Dream/Joey," both recorded in 1974. AMG.

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E.W. disse...

1974, the year with many memories. It was the year i had my first date with my greatest love and were still together. That year changed my life completely. I will shurely enjoy this album, thank you for sharing Carlos.


Madshoes Carlos disse...

Erwin thanks for your visit, here 1974 was very important, the year of the revolution, the 25th of April, 1974! The old fascist regime was overthrown and a new government took over the country. Freedom settled in and brought a lot of good things for the open mind and music lovers. Censorship was banned! A new country with more music and all kinds of art, and of course good weed! :)
Congratulations to you and your love, yeah! Take care and stay safe.