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Bobby Lance - First Peace 1971

Bobby Lance was a soul songwriter -- he penned several R&B hits, including Aretha Franklin's "The House That Jack Built" -- so it's not a surprise that First Peace is anchored in soul, but it's a progressive roots record encompassing all the different funky sounds emanating from the South in the early '70s. First Peace seems steeped in the South, as it was partially recorded at Muscle Shoals and features a horn section led by King Curtis and backing vocals by the Sweet Inspirations. The focus is on a thick, heady gumbo of blues, soul, and rock, a combination that sometimes gets undercut by such showbiz schmaltz as the closing "Walkin' on a Highway." Lance, who wrote every song here in collaboration with his partner and sister Fran Robins, is a sharp writer and possesses an appealing gruff, gravelly voice, so there is a focal point and a sturdy structure to First Peace. Nevertheless, the real charm of the album is its overall mood: it's a nicely weathered, casually funky slice of soulful rock from an era where that blend was common. AMG.

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Enjoying this very much. Thanks.

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You are welcome Snakeboy! Enjoy it.