terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield 1973

Not to be confused with their self-titled debut album, this double LP, which can still be found without too much hassle, is clearly the best Springfield compilation, at least until the overdue day when a box set appears that includes everything recorded by this superb band. It does miss some good songs, especially from the first album, but zeroes in on their very best work, and includes a nine-minute version of "Bluebird" available nowhere else, as well as excellent liner notes. AMG.

listen here

2 comentários:

nihil disse...

Merci beaucoup Carlos, Je cherchais cet album (que j'ai en vinyl archi- usé) depuis plusieurs mois.
Porte-toi bien.


Madshoes Carlos disse...

Salut Nihil, profites-en alors, moi aussi je l'avais et je l'ai perdu je ne sais plus oú! Enfin! Un super album!