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Tully - Tully 1970

Tully was an Australia progressive rock band that performed in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s.

The first of two Tully incarnations was initially a quartet- John Blake, Robert Taylor, Richard Lockwood, and Michael Carlos met playing together in Levi Smith?s Clefs in 1968, an R&B group. The four men left to form Tully. They began playing improvisational music at the defunct Caesar?s Disco, but were sacked as the patrons complained that they couldn?t dance to the music. The band recruited Terry Wilson to sing, and soon the quintet were commissioned by Bill Munro of the Australian Broadcasting Commission to do six TV shows that would be called Fusions. Fusions earned them a wider audience, and it wasn?t long before Tully were invited to perform at other venues and to play whatever they desired.

Entrepreneur Harry Miller got Tully to perform as the backing band for the Australian cast production of the rock musical Hair. Annoyed by their antics and practical jokes, however, Miller eventually replaced Tully. At this time, Blake left the group, and Taylor?s friend, Ken Firth, filled in. This line-up recorded Tully?s first LP. Their live performances kept true with their psychedelic generation, as sometimes their sets meandered into avant-garde improvisations, the drummer setting his kit up as a work of art rather than as something to be played, and all five of them standing at the front of the stage and proclaiming ?I love you? to the audience.

The Arts Council brought together Tully and their antithesis- a delicate and gentle group called Extradition- to tour together. Surprisingly, this pairing not only became friends, but decided to unite as a new band, still under the banner of Tully. This more robust group recorded the second Tully album, Sea of Joy (soundtrack to a Paul Witzig film), and their third and final album, Loving is Hard. Tully disbanded not long after this, as income became sparse and ideologies became varied.

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