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808 Ridge - Community College Coffee House Crowd 1969

Coffee house night at Allegheny Campus, Community College of Allegheny Country, was never planned. It evolved, in a Darwinian manner, from the sperum guitar and fungi fingers of student "Harry Waller".
It germinated in a dark, quiet corner of the college cafeteria, from that lone specie, into other guitars. Other fingers, other voices and other rooms until, life a Frankenstinian monster, it had to be contained. The best plan for containment seemed to be periodic feedings of unhibited expression, guitar playing, singing, poetry, or any form of creative expressioni.
Feeding times usually the first and third Thursday of each month during the college year.
Thus, Coffee House Night was born, It soon became an established tradition at the college, the place where any student could 'do his own thing'.

808 Ridge is presented as a record of coffee house sessions throughout the 1968-1969 college year.
Most compositions are original, all arrangements are original and certainly all performers, students at the college, are hopeful that this, their original recordings, will please you.

"I am very proud of this, their first album. If my pleasure with any indications of their success, it will not be their last, collectively as the 808 Ridge or individually".
T.W. Halligan, Director of Students Activities.

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