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Cold Sun - Dark Shadows 1970

An obscure but legendary psychedelic progressive outfit Cold Sun, based on Austin, Texas, had been active for only a few years around 1970. Bill Miller(autoharps, voices), who was a freak of 13th Floor Elevators and later known as one of backing members of Roky Erickson, formed a psychedelic rock band Couldron with his mate Tom McGarrigle (guitar) in 1968. Soon they changed the name into Amethyst and appeared on stage of LL Club, a psychedelic club in Austin, as a follower of Elevators. Since then Bill had gotten to play autoharps, one of key instruments for psychedelic rock, with some eccentric chords amplified.

In 1969, Amethyst recruited Mike Waugh (bass), who could take John Ike Walton (drums, percussion), one of the members of early Elevators. They signed with an independent record label Sonobeat, that were familiar with John, with their band name changed into Cold Sun. Their one and only album 'Dark Shadows' was recorded during 1970, with a new drummer Hugh Patton instead of John, but what a pity Cold Sun could not release this album then for the sake of Sonobeat's bankruptcy, and they broke up in 1973 like the sunset.

'Dark Shadows', psychedelic legendary material, at last could see the light in 2008 published by German label World In Sound.

listen here

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