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Jimmie Spheeris - Isle Of View 1971

Jimmie Spheeris' followers swore up and down that he deserved to become as famous as Neil Youngor Jackson Browne -- and in a perfect world, he would have been much better known in the singer/songwriter field. But when his sensitive, contemplative debut album, Isle of View, first came out on Epic in 1971, it was hardly a big seller. Nonetheless, it did earn Spheeris a small but extremely devoted cult following, and it isn't hard to see why his followers thought so highly of him. Acoustic-oriented selections like "I Am the Mercury," "For Roach," and "The Nest" are superb -- when you aren't admiring Spheeris for being such an expressive, charismatic vocalist, you're loving his way with words.Spheeris' lyrics had a very poetic quality, and the more you listen to these songs, the more you get out of them. Anyone with a taste for introspective singer/songwriters would have a hard time not cherishingIsle of View. AMG.

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Feilimid O'Broin disse...

I had a college friend from Manhattan and, whenever we met to play backgammon, smoke herb, and talk, he played Jimmy Spheeris. I searched for years hoping that Spheeris' early music. including this album, would be released on compact disc, but was unsuccessful in finding anything. I have listened to his songs on YouTube and have always wondered until now why his albums were never downloaded on music blogs. He is one of those singers whom one listened to every day more than forty years ago and hopes sounds just as good now, and he is, if not better than I remember. I am elated that you have posted it. Thank you so much.

Carlos disse...

Glad you enjoy it! That's the goal of my work ehhhehhh! Bring joy, memories to others! Well ... if you have others albums that you are seeking just say, maybe I can help! Take care and enjoy