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Burton Greene - Aquariana 1969

Burton Greene was a conservatory-trained musician, writer, painter, and improviser who was a vital participant in the new music and free jazz movement of 1960s New York. Recording for the ESP label and working with artists such as Bill DixonArchie SheppRoswell Rudd, and Alan Silva, he formed the Free Form Improvisation Ensemble and the Jazz Composers Guild of New York. Relocating to Europe in the late '60s, he worked extensively in the free improvisation community, and produced a few recordings, of which one is handsomely reissued here. A new pressing of the prestigious avant-garde label BYG 's eighth release saw Greene teamed up with avant-garde jazz musicians Jacques Coursil,Arthur Jones, Ben Guerin, Claude Delcloo, and Dieter Gewissler. Meditation mindsets were of great interest to Greene, and he employed such conscious states in his performances, improvisations, and compositions, resulting in a cerebral and intensely spirited free jazz music with classically inclined motifs (as the second of the three pieces here, billed as "Out of Bartok," may suggest). The LP side-long "Aquarius Suite" is considered to be one of the most vital pieces of late-'60s free jazz, and is clearly a powerful display of the mastery of chaos and melody combined. AMG.

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