sábado, 27 de abril de 2019

Charles Wright - Doing What Comes Naturally 1973

After leaving the fading Watts 103rd Street Rhythm BandCharles Wright released this sprawling double LP full of roof-burning funk grooves, tender soul serenades, and new interpretations on his patented brand of messed-up R&B. Scoring a mild chart hit with the album's title track, Wright wasn't satisfied with rehashing the past successes of his work with his old band. The longing mid-tempo reflection on lost love of "You & Me" holds its own neatly next to the baroque soul vibrations of "A Mother's Love." As evidenced by his previous work with the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm BandWrightexcels at balladry, and they flow thick on Doin' What Comes Naturally. The sublime keys that tickle throughout "1,2,3,4,5,?" blend sweetly with its instrumental counterpart, "1,2,3 You & Me," later on. Only keen quiet storm radio show hosts will acknowledge the beauty of "You Threw It All Away," with its pleading chorus and lush string arrangements, a treasure. The tracks stretch out in length throughout the course of two slabs of wax; unfortunately, the entire fourth side is occupied by the track "Nonsense," which, after one listen, can be described as just that. This is an intensely pleasurable listening experience. AMG.

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