terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2017

Dancer - Tales Of The Riverbank 1972

Dancer were formed from remnants of Isle of Wight folk rockers Shide & Acorn and future famed film director the late Anthony Minghella. Minghella had previously appeared as keyboardist in a small jazz group known as Earthlight. The musicians were discovered by Wilf Pine, former manager of Black Sabbath and future reputed ranking member of the Gotti mafia syndicate in the United States. Pine secured the group studio time at Olympia in the Barnes suburb of London in 1972, where they recorded seven tracks over a month's period under the direction of GroundhogsS guitarist Tony McPhee. McPhee, despite having an arm in a cast offered the guitar solo to close the title track. Dancer dissolved soon afterwards and their recordings remained forgotten until copies emerged nearly thirty years later and were released by Kissing Spell. Minghella would go on to a lengthy and successful career as a film producer, while Athey and Cuffe would form the funk band Big Swifty. Dancer merit a place in the ProgArchives.com for their brief but enjoyable contribution to progressive music at a transitional and largely forgotten period in the individual members' careers. ProgArchives.

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