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Clean Living - Meadowmuffin 1973

There are two bands by this name an (1) australian and and (2) American band.Boston, MA folk-rock band best known for their hit polka cover, 1972's "In Heaven Tere Is No Beer". The band formed in 1972 and was originally comprised of Timothy Griffin (drums, percussion), Robert "Tex" LaMountain (rhythm guitar), Robert LaPalm (vocals, guitar), Norman Schell (vocals, guitar), Frank Shaw (bass) and Elliot Sherman (keyboards).(1) clean living are a band from perth, western australia.They have released EP on the OWL'S label(andrew sinclair,Erasers,the Townhouses) and a split with frozen oceans.They have done diy interstate touring as well as many diy shows in perth.Band members are also in lord of the friends and sacred flower union. In addition to this they are associated with the something small festival a week long, free, local DIY festival organised and ran by the clean living drummer dan.

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