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Mystic Siva - Mystic Siva 1970

Mega  Monster Rare Private original first pressing by Michigan Garage Phychedelic Beast..!

This legendary US ‘60s psych monster that under the right influences will destroy your head!This quartet from Detroit (1970) created one of the most wanted artefacts in the psychedelic collectors scene. The music was recorded in 1970. With an average age of 17 those "teenage Sivas” showed best quality in songwriting playing their instruments and creating an own sound.Awesome US psychedelia Masterpiece: Spooky go-go organ, acidy guitar lashes, strong powerfull vocals..

Mystic Siva’s only album, released in 1972, is a collector’s holy grail in the psyche garage scene. The band had a great name that matched their spooky, minimalist sound, the album sleeve design is unforgettable, and the lack of information on the band itself added to their mystique. The kind of ingredients that record collectors love.

Originally released by the local label in Detroit, VO Records (VO 19713), this has been counterfeited a few times, though the best version is the most recent by World In Sound (RFR-002). I bought this version, and it is a killer package- ultra heavyweight gatefold sleeve you could beat someone to death with, luscious orange drenched graphics, and a thick vinyl slab that’s a pleasure to hold. And bloody expensive for a reissue- but worth it.

There’s not a lot of information on the band. Search their name on wikipedia and you get a lot on Hindu gods, nothing on Detroit garage punks. The info sheet that came with the reissue casts a little light on the band- they formed in 1967, were in their early teens- not old enough to drive to shows, let alone play clubs, and only got round to recording this in 1972. They recorded their sound through a single channel due to faulty studio equipment, hence the primitive sound, but that kind of added to the weird psychedelic vibe that mellows with age.

The track ‘Eyes Have Seen Me’ is a mix of minimalist funky guitar, swirling organs and raw garage punk vocals. The guitar playing wasn’t ever going to be to the standard of Jorma Kaukonen or Barry Melton, but you can feel the effort going in to get those riffs working. Not much happens in the song and whole passages just get repeated, but it’s epic in it’s own acidic way- the epitome of the underground garage freakbeat sound.

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