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Peter Thom - Peter Thom 1972

A native of Scotland, Peter Thorn (pronounced "Tom") moved to Canada when he was two and grew up in Montreal. His first instrument was the piano, though he soon switched to acoustic guitar. Peter's first venture into songwriting was as a student at McGill University where he wrote the music for a show called "Pssst! Where Do Babies Come From ?" Soon thereafter he began appearing on Canadian television; and eventually hosted the C.B.C.-TV program "The New Generation" from 1963-1967.
With his wife, Roseanne, Peter moved to New York and immediately attracted the interest of record companies. His first recording was an Al Kooper song "Fly Away" on the Epic label. The next two years were the most difficult for Peter as he traveled from college to folk clubs performing in almost every area of the country. Returning to New York, Peter began to attract musicians and performers who were particularly interested in his unique guitar style. Word soon got around and Peter became one of the most requested writer-singer-guitarists.

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