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Culpeper's Orchard - Going For a Song 1972

Having achieved great success as a live band debuted in 1971. The record, whose title is merely synonymous with the band's name, presents a mixture of progressive psychedelic rock, folk and country, where the vocal harmonies in the quiet numbers reminiscent of Crosby , Stills, Nash & Young. Already on the next release Second Sight 1972 was Barker replaced with the ever-seeking Ken Gudman the drums without changing soundscape significantly. Satisfied Mind is possibly a rather traditional country song, but it was an unusually popular sing-along number, including on the first Roskilde festivals. A few months after they released their third album, Going for a Song, where Niels Vangkilde, guitar, Niels Tuxen, steel guitar and Tom McEwan, drums had replaced Henriksen and Gudman. In 1976 they changed their name to Culpeper and toured extensively, but released only one LP ('All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go') under that name.

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