sábado, 1 de novembro de 2014

Del Jones - Court is closed 1972

A righteous underground soul classic from Del Jones – message-oriented funk at its best! Jones is working here in the spirit of some of the best locally-crafted indie outings of the time – like work by Mike James Kirkland, Oneness Of Juju, The Pharoahs, and other important righteous regional acts of the 70s. The lyrics are extremely progressive, and deal with hard themes of African-American life at the time – stated clearly enough by titles that include "Soul of Black Folks", "Court Is Closed", "Needle & Spoon", "Prelude Ta Hell", "Needle N Spoon", and "Inside Black America" – and backed up by some great arrangements that throw a lot of fuzzy funky guitars into some tight, jazzed-up grooving. The album also includes the massive "Vibe-Ing Theme" – and the whole thing's a treasure that we'd rank with the best of its sort!

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