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60,000,000 Buffalo - Nevada Jukebox 1972

While Zephyr made their mark first, this band was easily as popular in Colorado during the '70s. In fact, these two bands shared the stage on more than one ocassion, with a friendly competition between Judy Roderick and Candy Givens, the two lead vocalists. 60,000,000 Buffalo were known for their original material, arrangements and Don Debacker's guitar work. They completed one of two contracted albums for Atco,Nevada Jukebox, then broke up. They epitomize loose, funky Rocky Mountain rock & roll in the '70s. 60,000,000 Buffalo were the rock and roll manifestation of Judy Roderick. This album was the first recording of songs from the Judy Roderick/Bill Ashford catalog. The album was recorded over a period of five days at the legendary Record Plant West, in September, 1971. Raw around the edges it was produced "live" with minimal overdubbing by not yet, but soon to be famous producer Bill Szymczyk. Good songs, played and sung with passion. AMG.

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24HOURDEJAVU disse...


this one looks interesting Gonna give it a try


Carlos disse...

Hi Bill, it's quite good, take care and enjoy!