quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013

The Famous Jug Band - Sunshine Possibilities 1969

A highly original recording by a very short-lived esoteric folk outfit from the turn of the 1970's. While it should be noted that the ever-enigmatic Clive Palmer, founder member of the Incredible Sring Band, is featured here, complete with two original out-there, but wonderfully crafted tunes, it's the vocals Jill Johnson that stand out the most. Although only 18 at the time of this recording, her voice conveys a passion and wisdom of someone who has lived and died and come back as a spirit, boundless in energy and enthusiasm. The lush acoustic arrangements defy classification, an eclectic blend of so-called early music, ragtime, folk, bluegrass, folk-rock, blues and, yes, jug music. The songs, as a whole, are obscure, moody, somewhat chaotic at times, oddly serene at others, which is great if you're into the mystic, neo-acid folk in the String Band tradition, but off-putting, perhaps, to those seeking a more traditional sound. This is an experimental record in the truest sense. 

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