quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013

Gary Bartz Ntu Troop - Home! 1969

When it comes to saxophonist Gary Bartz, many jazz fan's are well aware of his influential contributions to the funky soul-jazz scene that was gaining steam around the mid-to-late seventies. During this time, Bartz released classic jazz-funk records like Juju Street Songs, Follow The Medicine Man, Music is My Sanctuary, Harlem Bush Music - Uhuru, The Shadow Do and others. Due to the success of these albums, many of these records over-shadowed some of Bartz more spiritual jazz recordings that he released during the late sixties like Libra, Another Earth, and today's featured record Home!. This record, which is my personal favorite of the three, was recorded live at a Left Bank Society concert in Baltimore, Maryland in 1969 by Bartz and his group NTU Troop. This date features four compositions written by Bartz including "B.A.M.", "Love", "Rise", "Amal" and a solid version of Duke Ellington's classic "It Don't Mean A Thing". The entire record has an overall post-Coltrane modal feel that features some major jazz heavyweights including Woody Shaw (trumpet), Bob Cunningham (bass), Albert Dailey (piano), and Rashied Ali (drums). Even though there is no deny that Bartz was one of the leading jazz musicians to incorporate soulful and funky elements into his music, it's important that his earlier and more spiritual jazz recordings receive the very deserving praise for the amazing brilliance that they truly are.

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