segunda-feira, 22 de julho de 2019

Rare Earth - Get Ready 1969

Rare Earth's Motown debut is as well-oiled as a new V-8, and so are its liner notes: "In this age of ego-tripping freak bands, Rare Earth has stood pretty much alone. Each cat stands handsomely tall as if from a fashion rack at Carnaby. They do their gig; do it well -- and split." Smirking aside, the band turns in a smoothly harmonized "In Bed" and a chugging rhythm section for "Train to Nowhere." But the core of this release is a live side-long monster version of "Get Ready." It's as driven by the crowd's rapturous response as by the various solos, and the snake-charmer sax improv by Gil Bridges is easily the highlight of the album. AMG.

listen here or here

3 comentários:

WOODY disse...

Esta excitante banda ainda existe hoje, e é muito meritório recordar novamente este primeiro álbum, muito obrigado!

Carlos disse...

Woody obrigado pelo comentário e sua visita. Desfructe.

mf76 disse...

Carlos, with Woodstock's 50th happening I checked out the pretty much unknown performer Bert Sommers and discovered a truly great artist! He only released 4 Lps. Any chance of a Bert Sommers post? Check him out at Woodstock. Like a combination of Terry Reid and Donovan. THANKS!