domingo, 10 de março de 2019

The Underdogs - Wasting Our Time 1970

Well known throughout New Zealand and Australia, The Underdogs - on this, their first LP for PYE- entertain with the total comparison, guts, and brilliance of Pig, Mann and Edwards (The Underdogs). With this jacket blurb, we want to convince the uninformed that he should have listened.

We know you'll dig it. As the producer i enjoyed every minute of the 3-day session, listening to Harvey, Neil and Glen begin a song and build it on, and punch and polish it here and there -it was like watching a flower unfold. The time was right (recording had been postponed for 2 years), the material was (and is) right, and the mood was warm ebullient.

Executive producer John Kerr wisely decided that if the album was to get off the ground, Harvey, Neil, and Glenn would have to do it their way. As a consequence, words and sounds simply fell into place naturally and beautifully. Hear these fantastic: Glen's introduction to "It's a Blessing" and his extended solo on "Garden of Eden", Harvey's country solo on "Clover In The Air" and his accoustiphonic guitar and singing on his own "Tomorrow's Child", Neil's talking frog Bass on "Is he going to Die?" and his down-home singing on "Clover In The Air".

As a close friend of the group, I have seen their ruthless personal humanity blossom into superb musicianship and expression that you will hear on this album.
by Bob Gillet, October 1970, Auckland, New Zealand.

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