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Kahvas Jute - Wide Open 1971

After forming in 1971, Kahvas Jute earned an immediate reputation on the live scene and issued their only album, Wide Open, in January the following year. The album remains a classic progressive rock album, exemplifying their expansive tunes and outstanding guitar work. "Free"/"Ascend" was issued as a single in July 1971. Guitarist Tim Gaze left the band and they continued as a three-piece, traveling to the U.K. in June 1971, where they made little impact and broke up. Bassist Bob Daisley played with several heavy metal bands and appeared as a session player for guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Stevie Vai. Dennis Wilson eventually revived Khavas Jute in May 1973 with drummer Dannie Davidson and bassist Scott Maxey. They supported Bo Diddley on his Australian tour in October 1973. In March 1974, Maxey was replaced by Peter Roberts, but by May, the band changed its name to Chariot.
This obscure document of Australian '70s psychedelia comes repackaged and remastered from original source tapes on European archive specialist label Little Wing, issued in the '90s after appearing in 1972 to disparate reception. With an outstanding progressive rock album, Kahavas Jute rates alongside other heavy acid rock gems from the Southern Hemisphere -- Human Instinct's Stoned Guitar and Spacefarm. While these groups may have slipped under the carpet, fans of Cream, Blue Cheer, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience will find familiar territories explored on this explosive workout.  AMG.

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