terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

Abraham's Children - Time 1973 @ 256

Guitarist Ron Bartley, bassist Jim Bertucci, percussionist Brian Cotterill and keyboardist Bob McPherson formed Just Us in the late '60s, later changing the name to Captain Midnight's Dirty Feet. When the owners of the comic strip (on which the name was based) objected, however, the quartet became Abraham's Children. "Hot Love," their first single, was released in 1968; it later appeared as the B-side to "Goodbye Farewell." The band finally achieved success when "Gypsy" became a hit in 1973. Guitarist Shawn O'Shea joined around the same time. When "Goddess of Nature" also became popular, the group changed its name to the Children. When the band's commercial popularity disappeared, O'Shea formed Bang (in 1976) with Bartley, Dave Babyn and Joe Dinardo. Time (1973) was the only full-length album for Abraham's Children. AMG.

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