terça-feira, 30 de maio de 2017

B.F. Trike - B.F. Trike 1971

Originally known as Hickory Wind with the same line-up, this trio went to Nashville early in 1971 and laid down tracks for a proposed RCA LP. It didn't happen. Eventually Rockadelic issued it - you'll need deep pockets for the limited vinyl version which disappeared all too quickly, so get the CD if this genre is to your tastes.
Musically it's quite varied but right 'in' with the heavy rock/psych school of the time. Launched by the fuzz-psych rework of Time And Changes it continues with some brisk and catchy rockers, characterised by excellent not-too-heavy drumming that swings rather than just being solid or pedestrian. Fluid fuzzed leads (the outstanding Lovely Lady), the odd lighter moment (Sunshine), and an irresistible cool boogie-rocker Six O'Clock Sleeper, absolutely tailor-made for Z.Z.Top, provide contrast and demonstrate their versatility. With perhaps the exception of the sentiments in Be Free, it has stood the test of time remarkably well and Mike McGuyer is totally justified in standing proudly by it. 

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