sábado, 29 de abril de 2017

Byron Morris & Unity - Vibrations, Themes & Serenades 1978

Many jazz critics have dismissed the 1970s as a vast wasteland for jazz, but in fact, just the opposite was true. The 1970s were banner years for jazz -- not only because of the fearless explorations of fusion and soul-jazz innovators, but also because of all the interesting modal post-bop coming out. Recorded in 1975 and 1978, Vibrations, Themes and Serenades illustrates the richness of modal jazz and paints an impressive picture of that time. This was the second LP that Byron Morris recorded with Unity, and the band is quite cohesive on spiritually-minded pieces such as "Like a Galaxy of Stars," "Eyewitness News Bluze" and "ERAA," all of which feature the expressive vocalist Jay Clayton. Gratefully, three of the tracks on this record -- "Panamanian Aire," "Theme for Rahsaan" and Kenny Barron's "Sunshower" -- would be reissued on the 1994 CD Vibrations in Time. AMG.

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