sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2016

Fate - Sgt. Death 1968

This album certainly qualifies as a lost gem of the Sixties. It was recorded in 1968 but lay gathering dust until 1999 when the first, vinyl issue was released. The music is very, very Doors like - the same guitar sounds and tinny organ and whilst the singer doesn't sound much like Jim Morrison, he sings with similar phrasing but has a slightly higher vocal range that Morrison's baritone. I am normally the last person on the planet to shout plagiarism, always hearing something different in even the most ardent copyist but these guys occasionally lapse into paint-by-numbers Doors but even then they still offer enough of their own take on things for interest to be maintained without question. Some of the material is basic blues and offers the listener nothing particularly interesting but the rest is of a very high standard, certainly in terms of the song structure and delivery.

listen here

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