quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2016

Cano - Tous Dans L'Même Bateau 1976

Sixty-five people formed CANO (Cooperative des Artistes de Nouvel Ontario) in 1971 in Sudbury, Ontario, to unite the music of French and English Canadia. CANO signed with A&M in 1975 and has released Tous Dans L'Meme Bateau (1976), Au Nord de Notre Vie (1977), Eclipse (1978),Rendezvous (1979), Spirit of the North (1980) and Visible (1985). Members include Marcel Aymar,David BurtMichel DastiJohn W. DoerrMichel KendelWasyl KohutRachel Paiement and Andre Paiement, the founder and co-leader until he committed suicide in 1978. AMG.

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