quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2016

Nat King Cole - Thank You Pretty Baby 1967

Cobbled together from previous singles and a few unreleased tracks, Thank You, Pretty Baby does, unfortunately, sound like a posthumous Nat King Cole LP. Its palette of clippity-clop rhythms, trad vocal choruses, and breezy, evocative strings definitely wouldn't have made the grade during Cole's lifetime -- in fact, the rhythms were added after his death. Still, unlike contemporary material by Elvis Presley(who sang over nearly identical arrangements), Cole transcends the simpy arrangements and weak material simply by exercising his voice, lending an air of respectability to the better songs while treating the novelties with an air of amusement that allows both artist and listener to share the joke. Several of the songs were (originally) arranged by Nelson Riddle, including a beautiful version of "You Made Me Love You." AMG.

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