sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2016

Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson & Brian Auger - Don't Send Me No Flowers 1964

This stomping blues album is a musical roller coaster like you haven't heard many. From the slow and down beat depressing atmosphere of Don't Send My No Flowers, to the energetic finale of Getting Out Of Town, every single track on this album is just spot on. The spontaneous intensity and the emotion in these recordings is almost touchable and the classic heart felt harmonica blues of Sonny Boy in is later years blends perfectly with the raw blues rock energy of young Jimmy Page and Brian Auger. Blues and rock, rock blues, swamp blues or whatever you want to call it, never sounded better and more intense than on this album.

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Certifiablockhead disse...

what a great surprise, thank you...

Carlos Mad disse...

Glad you enjoy! Take care. :)