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Thirty Days Out - Miracle Lick 1972

Singer/guitarist John Micallef and ex-Outcasts guitarist Jack Malken formed progressive rock unitThirty Days Out in New York in 1971. With the addition of bassist Monte Melnick and drummer Phil Lowe, the nascent group began practice sessions, but noise complaints from the neighbors forced relocation to Greenfield, MA. Upon signing to Reprise, Thirty Days Out returned to New York City to begin working on their Larry Marks-produced debut LP, also recorded in part in California with famed session keyboardists Jim Dickinson and Larry Knechtel. The completed self-titled effort caused a minor stir in record stores for its novel packaging -- instead of shrinkwrap, the album was housed in a poster of a steamliner. Sales were promising, and in 1972 Reprise issued Thirty Days Out's follow-up,Miracle Lick. Reviews were poor and receipts dwindled, however, and the band split soon after.Melnick later resurfaced as tour manager for punk legends the Ramones. AMG.

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