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Spirits & Worm - Spirits & Worm 1969

Great Jefferson Airplane style band and Very rare album originally released in 1969 on A& original rock sound with powerful female vocals (Adrianne Maurici) and some fine fuzz guitar work...for fans of Jefferson Airplane.
The talents of five young people pesented here as the Spirits & Worm  have cause others to define their music as a 'fresh young sound - very colorful and full of rhythm - a happy sound.' Making that 'happy sound' are Adrianne Maurici (vocals), Tommy Parris (bass guitar, vocals), Carlos Hernandez (lead guitar), Artie Hicks Jr. (drums) and Alfred Scotti (guitar/vocals). And these young people have worked hard to achieve their own sound. We believe in the near future that the music industry and the public will take notice of this group and recognize them as one of the more exciting and talented groups yet to hit the airwaves. (liner notes by Bob Garcia).

This album is well worth searching out. Adrianne's powerful vocals are certainly an asset and although brass makes an occasional and unwelcome intrusion on the album it contains some fine guitar work, which on the title cut and Sunny Please Hold Me becomes quite psychedelic. Other highs include You And I Together and the final cut, She's So Good. Recommended. Both 45 tracks feature on the album, which was recorded at Ultra-Sonic Studios in Long Island, New York. Thanks to ChrisGoesRock.

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