terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2015

Schtung - Schtung 1977

New Zealand act Schtung was formed by Andrew Hagen and Morton Wilson sometime around the mid 70's, and their self-titled album from 1977 is the only production from this band while still exploring art rock territories.

While their album is something of an obscurity these days, the band made an impact when active, but in a peculiar area: They were asked to make scores on the strength of their sole production.

As a direct result of this branching out, Hagen and Wilson would go on to form Schtung Music in 1982, a still ongoing concern based in Santa Monica, California with regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai. This company specializes in scoring original music and sound design for commercials, promos, show opens, television series, movie trailers and films.

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