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Proof - Proof 1971

Proof's two albums are of the hardest to locate blues rock records from the U.S.A. Only a couple of their second have ever surfaced. Both have great tracks on them and are recommended listening, proof were an Alaskan blues-rock band led by Gary Sloan from the early 70s. This re-issue (their debut) was recorded live at two shows in 1970 (headline acts were Jefferson Airplane and Rick Nelson). Great drivin' jammin' versions of "Snatch It Back", "Ridin On The L & N", "Aint Got You" and "Highway 61 Revisited" amongst others. Sloan has since worked with Muddy Waters, John Mayall, Jorma Kaukonen, Billy Preston, etc.

With a name like Proof (as in 90% whiskey?) it does not leave too much to the imagination where this band got their name considering they were a blues based rock band. They were a better than average band, unfortunately these live recordings do not do them justice. Both recordings (side one and side two) were culled from Anchorage, Alaska dates and only 300 copies were pressed, making this a sought after blues rarity.

The first side was recorded at a Jefferson Airplane concert in 1970. The sound is very crude and there is no separation whatsoever in the instruments and the vocals sound muffled and overbearing, it actually sounds like someone had a cassette player in the audience and they turned it on to document their evening. Side two, recorded at a Rick Nelson concert in the same year, is much better but still lacking in quality.

Although all of these songs are great, most of them are well-worn standards, which make it even less desirable because there are few original arrangements by the band. This is for collectors only; it really has no other value except for diehard followers of the band and a document of their recorded works.

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Nice site & thanks 4 all the great stuff U post.
Sadly "ain't got you" skips & U lose about 2 mins.any chance of a fix?
Thank You.