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Bob Lind - Since There Were Circles 1971

After a break of about three years from recording, during which Lind moved from L.A. to New Mexico, the singer/songwriter returned with what would be his final album. Produced by Doug Weston, owner of the famed Troubadour folk and rock club in L.A., it's far different in tenor from the Jack Nietzsche pop-rock productions of the "Elusive Butterfly" era. Instead it's woozy, gentle country-rock, for the most part. His supporting cast includes Doug Dillard, session supremo Carol KayeGene Clark, and Bernie Leadon (the last two of whose names are misspelled in the credits). The meandering lyrics and low-energy backing combine for a pretty lethargic atmosphere, which is enhanced, or encumbered, byLind's curious, elongated vocal delivery. The result is that his vocals have the (presumably unintentional) effect of making him sound almost drunk at times. For something this offbeat to work, the material has to be strong and striking; this album generally misses those distinctions by a wide mark. On the solo acoustic title track there is a distraught confessional ambience reminiscent of Dino Valenti's cult solo album. AMG.

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Timmy disse...

Always a good listen, from Lind. Thanx!