quarta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2013

Lincoln St. Exit - Drive it 1970

Make no mistake about this album, it is loud, heavy, alive and ready. Lincoln St. Exit was formed in June of 1964. Since then they lost one of their musicians, Paul Chapman(who died). The three original members, Michael Martin, Mac Suazo and Lee Herres, still remain with the group. Their music is influenced greatly by the American Indian culture of New Mexico.

This is evident in the hard-driving beat and hypnotic rhythm pattern that is maintained throughout the album. Their own personal feelings and the many hard times they have encountered along the way all come through in their music. As co-writer on some of the material, our view of the war is expressed in the two compositions "Man Machine" arid "Time Has Come Gonna Die".

We move from such gospel-orientated tunes as "Going Back Home" and "Soulful Drifter" to the down home sound of "Teacher Teacher" and "Dirty Mother Blues", the latter being so heavy it shakes all of your \ital organs Our snnga also deal with modern sexual mores, as in "Straight Shootin1 Man", "Got You Babe" and "Phantom Child". Lincoln St. Exit have been together for over six years, and they're going to make it.
God Bless The Exit. Thanks Marios from Rockasteria blog.

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